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Inside the Treehouse Podcast Recap, Episode 3: Fulfillment is the Key, a Conversation with Dr. Douglas Reeves

Podcast Recap: Fulfillment is the Key, Episode 3—A Conversation with Dr. Douglas Reeves

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While you may know Dr. Douglas Reeves for his phenomenal education career, the truth is, he is so much more.

During our third episode of Inside the Treehouse, Solution Tree CEO Jeff Jones sat down with Reeves to talk about his pathway to success, his prolific contributions to the field, and life outside of education.

Speaker, researcher, writer, educator, philanthropist, runner, mentor—the list goes on and on. Maybe the question shouldn’t be what has Dr. Douglas Reeves done, but rather what has he not done? Read more

Podcast Recap: These Are Not Irredeemable Throwaways, Episode 2—A Conversation with Dr. Anthony Muhammad

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A conversation about all things education…anytime, anywhere!

Besides information and insights on trending topics in the field, our new Inside the Treehouse podcast provides an inside look into the lives of some of the greatest minds in the profession. All of this and more at your fingertips. (Or, should we say in your ears.)

Episode 2 of our podcast featured Transforming School Culture architect Dr. Anthony Muhammad. In this episode, Muhammad talks about his childhood in Flint, Michigan; striving to get ahead in his education career; and the often stark realities of being an educator during challenging times. Read more

Inside the Treehouse Podcast Recap, Episode 1, The Beginning, a Conversation With Dr. Bob Eaker

Podcast Recap: The Beginning, Episode 1—A Conversation with Dr. Bob Eaker

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Where do great educators like to hang out? Inside the Treehouse.

That’s right, we recently added a podcast to our repertoire of resources. Now, you can take us with you in the car, on a walk, or even running errands. During our podcast, Solution Tree CEO Jeff Jones sits down with some of the greatest minds in education. With each compelling conversation, you’ll get to know these experts more personally, including what has brought them to this point in their careers and where they are heading in the future. Read more

Rebecca DuFour at work with educators

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The “Now What?” Of Life: Celebrating Rebecca DuFour

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It was one of those wonderful mid-fall afternoons as I walked to my car, crossing the quad of the university campus. Tree colors were just starting to appear, and the air had that rare “higher temperatures than normal with crispness” smell.

I took off my suit jacket as I approached the car with this intense feeling I had done this very act of taking off my suit jacket and getting into my car, many times before. I had this awareness too that those moments had always left me feeling a bit empty. It was a feeling similar to the one you sense right after spending hours with friends and family, saying goodbye, going on your way, but feeling a bit homesick for them immediately. Read more

An assessment event

5 Reasons to Attend an Assessment Institute

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You know that feeling you get when you rush, rush, rush to get to a conference after a long day of travel, compounded by months of trying to cram teaching, family, and personal care into an already too-fast-paced life? Perhaps you check into your hotel and unzip the suitcase you packed at home, wondering if you even packed the right clothing. You might ask yourself when you should get breakfast, who you will sit with, and how you will ever manage to relax and learn. You might begin to wonder if attending was more effort than it will be worth. Read more