Writing Activities to Demonstrate Understanding of Text

2 Writing Instructional Strategies to Demonstrate Understanding of Text

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In The New Art and Science of Teaching (2017), Bob Marzano provides a comprehensive model of instruction that represents a more expansive and updated version of his original 2007 text The Art and Science of Teaching. The title indicates that “research (in other words, science) must certainly guide good teaching, but teachers must also develop good teaching as art” (p. 18, 2018). Read more

Helping Students to Enjoy Close Reading

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Based on Close Reading in the Secondary Classroom

One of my ninth-grade students once let me know, in no uncertain terms, that reading wasn’t an enjoyable experience for him. Every teacher teaches reading, whether the skill is specific to the content area of instruction or not. It’s a basic and vital life skill. So, what happens when students walk into our classrooms with large deficits in their reading abilities and in their interest in reading in general. Read more

Flexible Context Sensitivity and Functional Coherence in Student Projects

Empowering Projects: Opportunities for Students to Choose What Works

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Based on the book EMPOWER Your Students

Fostering Flexible Context Sensitivity and Functional Coherence

Students at my school do lots of projects. They choreograph dances, design experiments to see what affects plant growth, and give talks about Nobel Prize–winning women. In math, the sixth graders map food deserts to learn about the concept of a radius. One time in science, the eighth graders built a potato cannon. Preparing for a test is a project. In English, we do writing projects. Read more