Boost Student Engagement By Remaking Our Literacy Practices

Boost Student Engagement by Remaking Our Literacy Practices

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Based on Remaking Literacy: Innovative Instructional Strategies for Maker Learning

At the end of a hallway, one classroom is buzzing with excitement. More than 50 students are packed in the room, sitting on desks and the floor, with others perched on stools. They are intently waiting to connect virtually with an author. 

They loved his books and giggled at his illustrations. Now they are counting down the days until his next book is released. Each student has jotted a question that they are hoping to ask the author. Waiting in anticipation, the kids cheer when the author comes on screen and starts their virtual meet-up. Read more

Writing Activities to Demonstrate Understanding of Text

2 Writing Instructional Strategies to Demonstrate Understanding of Text

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In The New Art and Science of Teaching (2017), Bob Marzano provides a comprehensive model of instruction that represents a more expansive and updated version of his original 2007 text The Art and Science of Teaching. The title indicates that “research (in other words, science) must certainly guide good teaching, but teachers must also develop good teaching as art” (p. 18, 2018). Read more

Helping Students to Enjoy Close Reading

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Based on Close Reading in the Secondary Classroom

One of my ninth-grade students once let me know, in no uncertain terms, that reading wasn’t an enjoyable experience for him. Every teacher teaches reading, whether the skill is specific to the content area of instruction or not. It’s a basic and vital life skill. So, what happens when students walk into our classrooms with large deficits in their reading abilities and in their interest in reading in general. Read more