Podcast Recap: Episode 6 – RTI at Work That Works: A Conversation with Mike Mattos

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Inspired by the concept of collaboration, Mike Mattos saw an opportunity to help students who had fallen behind. In partnership with Austin Buffum, Mattos developed the system for which he’s known best, Response to Intervention at Work

During Episode 6 of Inside the Treehouse, Solution Tree CEO Jeff Jones sat down with Mattos to discuss his upbringing, his education, his career, and of course, all things RTI. Read more

The Leadership Team and Intervention Team - Who are They? What do they do?

The Leadership Team and Intervention Team: Who Are They? What Do They Do?

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Based on Best Practices at Tier 3, Elementary

“Can you help us? We have been to a lot of training sessions, and we think we know what needs to be done to implement RTI, but we’re not sure what the leadership and the intervention teams are supposed to do and who should be on these teams. Are they sounding boards, or do they actually make decisions?” Read more

Word cloud surrounding the word "Inclusion". Part of the Pandemic Response and Educational Practices (PREP) blog series.

Inclusion Strategies and Interventions: Then, Now, and Later

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This entry is the eighth in a blog series called Pandemic Response and Educational Practices (PREP), which aims to highlight and further the important work educators are doing amid the worldwide COVID-19 crisis.

Based on Inclusion Strategies and Interventions

During the first two weeks of March, I attended a Broadway show, presented at educational conferences, offered on-site inclusion coaching, received a massage, and whispered “namaste” in a yoga class.  Read more

Two Ways to Avoid Falling into the RTI Rebranding Trap

Two Ways to Avoid Falling into the RTI Rebranding Trap

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Based on Behavior Solutions: Teaching Academic and Social Skills Through RTI at Work™

First came RTI, then RTI², and now there’s MTSS

What’s different? What changed? 

As we support schools across the country, we are faced with many districts, even state departments of education who treat RTI as a bad word, rather than taking an honest look at the understanding, misconceptions, and implementation errors.  Read more