Examine your perceptions about teaching math to girls.

Changing Perceptions for Girls Learning Math

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Based on Making Sense of Mathematics for Teaching Girls in Grades K–5

Sometimes it is strange how a situation turns out. With data on hand, we often think we can accurately anticipate what might happen. However, the twists and turns of life regularly lead us from uncomfortable challenges to pleasant surprises. When I was in fourth grade, I had a terrible experience during a mathematics class. I was called out. I was embarrassed. I was ashamed. I was driven to tears. Read more

How to Differentiate Math Instruction

Differentiating Mathematics Instruction

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Based on Mathematics Instruction and Tasks in a PLC at Work®

When I am in schools working with teachers of mathematics, the most common question I get is, “How do I use rich, higher-level-cognitive-demand tasks with each and every student? I know my students need access to more complex mathematical tasks, but how do I implement them well with all students?” Read more

Resistance Undone

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Resistance Undone: Driving PBL Implementation

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A PBL Story

At an urban school with above-average STEM scores, faculty fought against the principal’s effort to raise expectations and do “even more.” When she had first urged her deeper learning vision with a call for project-based learning, many teachers balked. “Last year we worked hard to get our scores up. Don’t ask us to change what works. You can say that PBL will help even more, but who knows?” Read more

How to Differentiate Curriculum

Curriculum Differentiation: Making It Happen

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Systems Thinking and Curriculum Differentiation

We recently visited an amazing South American tapas restaurant and were greeted with an extraordinary assortment of delicious and diverse foods. When presented with each subsequent platter, we could have taken one of two attitudes: eagerly welcome the array of these delicacies and appreciate their unique presentation and flavor or hesitate and refrain from indulging. To us, the more distinct the dish, the more we wanted to experience it. As educators, we feel the same about the dynamic and diverse individual needs we find in today’s classrooms. Read more