Overwhelmed in 2020? Small Steps Toward Educator Replenishment | Pandemic Response and Educational Practices (PREP)

Overwhelmed in 2020? Small Steps Toward Educator Replenishment

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This entry is the 16th in a blog series called Pandemic Response and Educational Practices (PREP), which aims to highlight and further the important work educators are doing amid the worldwide COVID-19 crisis.

It’s no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic has left educators feeling more stressed than ever. According to a recent study (Blintiff et al., 2020), teacher wellness has decreased—and overall stress has increased dramatically—throughout the pandemic.

Educators are worried about the well-being of their students, they are experiencing stress as they scramble to meet the needs of their students online and face-to-face, and they are navigating the ever-changing safety protocols—as well as balancing work-life demands. Read more

Five Keys to Personalizing Deeper Learning

Five Keys to Personalizing Deeper Learning

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Based on Personalized Deeper Learning

Here’s a scenario to get us started: A colleague, Tom, is shoulder-deep advocating for technology as the best way to personalize learning for every kid. To start, he favors that every student be on a computer. For him, tech makes life easier for teachers.

I feel compelled to challenge Tom’s belief that every kid must have a digital program for every subject, all day, every day, if his teachers are going to personalize learning. (For starters, his declaration eliminates personalized learning for students who have neither a computer nor the internet, and most of those whose classrooms may have limited devices.) Read more

Want to know how students are faring in 2020? Ask them!

Want to Know How Students Are Faring in 2020? Ask Them!

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Based on The Wraparound Guide

Like virtually everyone, students are facing unprecedented changes and challenges in 2020: distance learning, canceled or altered social interactions, closed schools, altered athletics schedules, disruption of extracurricular activities, changed family dynamics, and perhaps sick—or even lost—loved ones. 

Schools also face rocky terrain as they attempt to resume this fall—whether in person, online, or through a combination of both media. Typical school policies and school improvement plans simply won’t provide the guidance educators need to weather this storm, especially when they also are personally impacted by current events. Read more

Inside the Treehouse Podcast Recap, Episode 1, The Beginning, a Conversation With Dr. Bob Eaker

Podcast Recap: The Beginning, Episode 1—A Conversation with Dr. Bob Eaker

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Where do great educators like to hang out? Inside the Treehouse.

That’s right, we recently added a podcast to our repertoire of resources. Now, you can take us with you in the car, on a walk, or even running errands. During our podcast, Solution Tree CEO Jeff Jones sits down with some of the greatest minds in education. With each compelling conversation, you’ll get to know these experts more personally, including what has brought them to this point in their careers and where they are heading in the future. Read more

Acing Your Observation

Acing Your Observation

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Based on Kindergarten From A to Z

Many of my colleagues are eagerly awaiting the day when we can return to our physical classrooms full time to resume teaching as we have always known it to be.

However, there is one part of that process we are not looking forward to—the return of the dreaded observation. To some, the observer may be likened to the mother-in-law character from those 1950s sitcoms who comes into the house with white gloves, looking to find fault with everything. Read more