Podcast Recap: Episode 6 – RTI at Work That Works: A Conversation with Mike Mattos

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Inspired by the concept of collaboration, Mike Mattos saw an opportunity to help students who had fallen behind. In partnership with Austin Buffum, Mattos developed the system for which he’s known best, Response to Intervention at Work

During Episode 6 of Inside the Treehouse, Solution Tree CEO Jeff Jones sat down with Mattos to discuss his upbringing, his education, his career, and of course, all things RTI. Read more

Don’t Stop at PLC Lite

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Not too long ago, I was asked to write a piece about how leaders and teams can determine if they really are working in an accountable professional learning community. This is a real issue, as possibly the biggest roadblock to helping all students learn at higher levels and doing the work of a PLC is when an organization gets caught in “PLC Lite.” PLC Lite is defined by Dr. Richard DuFour and Dr. Douglas Reeves as “when educators rename their traditional faculty or department meetings as PLC meetings, engage in book studies that result in no action, or devote collaborative time to topics that have no effect on student achievement—all in the name of the PLC process” (DuFour and Reeves, 2016, p. 69). Read more

Podcast Recap: Episode 5 – Life Through Many Lenses: A Conversation with Sharon Kramer

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Dr. Sharon Kramer is known nationwide as an author and expert in assessment, school reform, and professional learning communities. During Episode 5 of Inside the Treehouse, Solution Tree CEO Jeff Jones sat down with Kramer for a great conversation about her life and love of education.

One of Many Firsts

Born and raised in the Chicagoland area, Kramer is the daughter of restaurant owners. Her half-Italian, half-Greek ancestry comes from the fact that both her parents were immigrants. Despite her illustrious career in education, neither of Kramer’s parents graduated high school. Surprisingly, no one else in her extended family did either, making Kramer the first person in her entire family to graduate high school, let alone college.

While her family didn’t necessarily value higher education, Kramer did. In fact, as a second-grader, Kramer knew she wanted to become a teacher. Impactful teachers and an interest in education led to her “breakthrough” moment—at the young age of seven. To this day, her desire to help kids and to provide them with opportunities to find their breakthrough moments guides her practice. Read more

Introducing Our Parents as Partners: A New Resource for Parents & Caregivers

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This year has been challenging for everyone, parents included. That’s why we’re excited to announce a brand-new resource for parents and caregivers alike. Introducing … OurParentsAsPartners.org. 

A curated collection of helpful tips and relevant information, this new website is designed to provide assistance to families navigating today’s current educational landscape.

Based on direct insights from teachers and school leaders, the information on this site will help parents and caregivers:

  • Meet their children’s basic needs
  • Better facilitate learning at home
  • Support their children’s emotional needs
  • Ensure remote learning is on track with curriculum standards
  • Keep their children on the pathway to fulfilling their potential

Think of it as a compendium for parents supporting distance learners.

Read more

Is Standardized Testing a Bad Thing?

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“Standardized testing” is one of the most frequently used yet most commonly misunderstood expressions in education today. Some consider standardized testing to be an important, foundational component in any school improvement effort. Others believe it is a disruptive process that serves mainly to narrow the curriculum, stifle the creativity of teachers, and limit learning opportunities for students. Read more