Coaching Collaborative Teams

Coaching Collaborative Teams

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Based on the book Amplify Your Impact: Coaching Collaborative Teams in a PLC at Work™

Most schools have at least one collaborative team that just isn’t cutting the mustard. They meet consistently as a team, but they just don’t seem to make any headway toward improving teaching practices, let alone student achievement. We have trained them in the fundamentals of professional learning communities, shown them videos of what productive teams look like, and have occasionally joined their meetings to help them keep on track. But still, they just don’t seem to “get it.” Read more

Modernizing your instructional practices

Modernize Your Instructional Practice in 11 Ways

Categories: 21st Century Skills, Instruction

In our new book, The Quest for Learning, we ask teachers to consider how they might make their instructional practices more contemporary. We’ve talked to literally hundreds of teachers as we explore some of the facets of “right now” interests and skills, and we’d like to share some of what we’ve discovered. Note that this is not an exhaustive list of questions, just a few that were generated from our work with teachers over the last few years and have influenced what we wrote in the new book. If you have some of the same questions about how you might make your practices more contemporary, we invite you to consider the following: Read more

Ransomware and Fake News in 2017: Why We Need to Teach Global Digital Citizenship

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Based on the book Growing Global Digital Citizens.

By this time of year, most of us have reflected on the past and thought about the lessons learned and resolutions made. 2017 has been a year of milestones, events, and changes. There are many that we can examine critically, but there are two that are significant and worthy of discussion and review: “Wanna Cry” and fake news. Read more

Hope and Resiliency

Fostering Resilience with a Culture of Hope

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For many schools in high-poverty communities, becoming high performing requires more than providing excellent academics. In our work in elementary, middle, and high schools across the country, we have found a strong relationship between school cultures and student success. In Building a Culture of Hope (2013), we describe four essential social-emotional assets which, when embedded into the fabric of a school’s culture, help students build resilience and hope for their future. Read more

Teachers giving students feedback on discussions

Feed Students Through Feedback (Small Groups, Big Discussions Part 10)

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This is the tenth post in a series on student-led, small-group discussions. To read the other posts, see “Small Groups, Big Discussions.” The series explores the challenges to effective small-group discussions and how to address them. The content is connected to the book Deep Discourse.

If you have incorporated the ideas from my past blog posts into your instructional practices and still find your students’ discussions lack substance, it may be due to the feedback they are receiving. After years of research, Hattie (2008) revealed that feedback was among the most powerful influences on achievement and states that students have a greater chance of achieving learning targets when teachers provide ongoing feedback about their progress. Read more