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Teamwork requires all of the puzzle pieces to fit together.

Identifying When to Collaborate on Decisions

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Based on Leading a High Reliability School

A key aspect of leading a high reliability school is to put formal structures in place that clearly invite teachers to participate in specific aspects of decision-making for the school. In fact, when specific initiatives are driven by a staff decision-making process, they can quickly gain momentum and acceptance by the whole staff. Read more

All Hands In

Hard Work with Happiness: How School Culture Changes in a Deeply Sustained PLC

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Several years ago, a group of visiting teachers from Cody, Wyoming, came to spend the day with a neighbor, hoping to gain some insights and advice. That neighbor was Sheridan County School District #2 (SCSD2). They were there for a very good reason. SCSD2 has a national reputation for having struggled mightily academically over a period of years, followed by dramatic turnarounds in student performance. Read more

Competency-based education increases academic optimism

Competency-Based Education Fosters Academic Optimism

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Based on Leading the Evolution

Student engagement and achievement are ubiquitous terms in the education field. This is, obviously, appropriate as our communities build and maintain schools in order to educate our kids. After all, that’s why we are here.

But what if we had an educational system that impacted the engagement and achievement of teachers in a really positive and powerful manner? Read more