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Coaching Collaborative Teams

Coaching Collaborative Teams

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Based on the book Amplify Your Impact: Coaching Collaborative Teams in a PLC at Work™

Most schools have at least one collaborative team that just isn’t cutting the mustard. They meet consistently as a team, but they just don’t seem to make any headway toward improving teaching practices, let alone student achievement. We have trained them in the fundamentals of professional learning communities, shown them videos of what productive teams look like, and have occasionally joined their meetings to help them keep on track. But still, they just don’t seem to “get it.” Read more

Use the problem-solving model to determine the causes of student behavior and achievement.

Using the Problem-Solving Model

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Based on the book An Educator’s Guide to Schoolwide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports.

Imagine a situation where a student continually receives referrals from the commons area during lunchtime. How would you address this issue? Is it reflective of a schoolwide issue, or is it confined to just that student? To address such issues, schools can use the problem-solving model (PSM). The PSM is used to identify and solve issues that arise, whether they are systems-level issues or concerns with individual students. The PSM consists of four distinct steps. Read more

How School Boards and Superintendents Can Collaborate

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The Roles of Modern School Boards and Superintendents and How They Can Work Together

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This post is based on the book Building Great School Board–Superintendent Teams.

“Leadership theory runs swift and deep, the river banks crowded with animated commentators and interested observers. Governance theory trickles along the shallower backwaters; it attracts little notice and even fewer devotees” (Chait, Ryan, & Taylor, 2005, p. xix).

School boards and superintendents are a part of the educational culture throughout our nation. However, there is much debate regarding their role in education. Read more

Whose Permission Are You Waiting For? 4 Ways to Promote Your School

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Five years ago, after I was named Oklahoma’s Assistant Principal of the Year, I had been asked to present at graduate classes or workshops. I realized I had a learned a lot of valuable lessons to share from my years as a school administrator. I began to ask myself how I could find more opportunities to train, teach, or share with aspiring school leaders. Read more