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Angela Peery, EdD, is a consultant and author with more than three decades of experience as an educator. Since 2003, she has made over a thousand presentations and has published 16 books. She works mainly in the areas of literacy and curriculum development. A Virginia native, Dr. Peery earned her bachelor’s degree in English at Randolph-Macon WOMAN’S College, her master’s in liberal arts at Hollins College, and her doctorate IN EDUCATION at the University of South Carolina. Her professional licensures include secondary English, secondary administration, and K–12 gifted/talented education.
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Vocabulary in a SNAP

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Teaching Vocabulary in a SNAP

Categories: Instruction, Literacy

In my work as a consultant to schools, I’ve met many teachers who are concerned about the number of words their students know, as well as the limited knowledge of how words work, which students display. When we begin to discuss these issues, the teachers often share with me that they don’t have resources to address these deficiencies and that they are concerned about how to integrate meaningful vocabulary instruction into their lessons.

In response to these concerns that I’ve heard so many times, I began crafting short lessons intended to teach a few target words, building on a similarity (like a shared root) that the words have. Each mini-lesson contains four components, represented by the acronym SNAP. Read more