Elliott Seif

Online Learning Teaching Tips; Pandemic Response and Educational Practices (PREP)

Online Learning Teaching Tips: How We Can Teach Our Students, Prepare Them for the Next Challenge—and Prepare Them for Life

Categories: Pandemic Response and Educational Practices

This entry is the tenth in a blog series called Pandemic Response and Educational Practices (PREP), which aims to highlight and further the important work educators are doing amid the worldwide COVID-19 crisis.

Based on the upcoming title Rigorous Learning: Preparing Students for a Changing World

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended traditional schooling and created enormous challenges for teachers and schools as they shift to remote student learning. There are numerous difficulties in making this shift that include the adequacy and use of technology, physical isolation, self-management, the daily challenges faced by students and families, and the difficulties of teaching and learning online.

In this blog entry, we will look at some ways to soften and reduce the academic challenges of remote learning, and at the same time consider the use of teaching approaches that help prepare students for a changing world. Read more