Greg Kushnir

Greg Kushnir is a full-time educational speaker working with schools and districts to develop Professional Learning Communities (PLCs). An educator for more than 30 years, he is a former high school and middle school teacher, middle school assistant principal, and K–6 principal.
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One drop can have the greatest ripples

The Law of the Vital Few

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When Robert J. Marzano conducted a review of the average state or provincial curriculum, he confirmed what teachers already knew: it is not possible to teach all curricular outcomes to every child in a meaningful way in the time allotted. Dr. Marzano determined that on average a student moving through a K–12 education system took 14 subjects which contained 255 standards. These standards contained 3,500 indicators, which he concluded would require an additional 10,000 hours of school to ensure learning for every student.

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