Joe Cuddemi

Joe Cuddemi, a consultant, has 30 years of experience in education. He has served as a teacher, counselor, and principal in a wide variety of educational settings.
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Using Protocols in the Virtual Classroom

Using Protocols in the Virtual Classroom

Categories: Instruction, Technology

There are many strategies to help facilitate the virtual learning experience. Organizing students into small groups can be a powerful learning structure to combat student isolation and increase student engagement.

But how do you ensure that putting students into breakout rooms will produce positive learning outcomes for the group and for each student? One strategy that is effective in facilitating small-group learning is using protocols. Read more

Decision-making protocols can help you get on the same page

Decision Making: “How Can We Get on the Same Page?”

Categories: PLC, School Improvement

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive when facilitating professional development sessions is “How can we get on the same page?”

Let’s imagine two families, “Family A” and “Family B.” Parents in Family A are on the same page for their children. The children are clear on what is expected of them and learn how to demonstrate respect and responsibility for themselves and to others. Family B’s parents are not on the same page. One parent operates out of power and control, while the other parent tolerates behaviors that are unacceptable to the first. The children are confused and anxious, which often leads to misbehaviors and chaos. Read more