John Wink

John Wink currently serves as the Director of School Success for the Longview Independent School District in Longview, Texas. As a renowned superintendent, assistant superintendent and principal at elementary, middle and high schools, John’s work in school improvement has transformed schools by transforming teachers and leaders.
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I will never forget the day that one of my staff members came up to me after car duty and made this statement.  “Mr. Wink, I am so tired of seeing people bash our school on Facebook. Those people have no idea about all that we do for kids, and it really frustrates me.”  Now, this wasn’t the first time that I had a teacher say this to me.  After all, I have had more than a handful of people gripe to me about how schools, teachers, and administrators rarely get a fair shake in the media or the political world.  For me that’s the way it had always been, so I figured that there was very little that I could do to change the world’s negative perception about public schools and the educators that work in them.

But the next statement she made changed everything.

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Each teacher's success is just as important as each student's success.

Every Student Counts Only When Every Teacher Counts

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Teaching is the noblest of all professions, and no other career plays a more powerful role in shaping who we are, how we think, and what we are capable of doing as human beings. Teachers help their students become better thinkers, problem solvers, creators, and dreamers. Teachers also possess the ability to help students turn their dreams into a robust reality, to inspire and equip young learners for the hard work of overcoming the many barriers they will confront in life. In short, teachers are the real game changers, if one criteria is met. Read more