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Kathy Tuchman Glass is an accomplished author, consultant, and former classroom teacher with more than twenty-five years of experience in education.

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illustration of books with text strengthen your skills in literacy leadership

Strengthen Your Skills in Literacy Leadership


Striking the balance of a focus on management and leadership is a daily dilemma for school and district leaders. Never has this been more critical or obvious than the school year that is finally coming to a close. Leading through a global pandemic has required leaders at all levels to make intentional efforts taking care of health and safety issues (management) while ensuring that student learning is a priority (instructional leadership).

The next school year will require all leaders and teachers to meet students where they are and to accelerate learning for all. It’s been well established that inordinate numbers of students need support to bolster their literacy capabilities. One avenue to cure this literacy malady is through strong leadership at all levels. Principals, district leaders, team leaders, instructional facilitators, and coaches can collectively help to combat the illness that plagues our students. How? By capitalizing on their roles for the betterment of teachers who directly interface with students day-to-day. It’s through the concerted efforts of all that will help to improve literacy rates so that students succeed in school and beyond. So, how do leaders assist teachers in making literacy a priority? What actions do you take? How can you champion the efforts? And lastly, how can leaders use the PLC process to further literacy goals? Read more

Writing Activities to Demonstrate Understanding of Text

2 Writing Instructional Strategies to Demonstrate Understanding of Text

Categories: Instruction, Literacy

In The New Art and Science of Teaching (2017), Bob Marzano provides a comprehensive model of instruction that represents a more expansive and updated version of his original 2007 text The Art and Science of Teaching. The title indicates that “research (in other words, science) must certainly guide good teaching, but teachers must also develop good teaching as art” (p. 18, 2018). Read more


Revising Student Writing: An Instructional Tool for Self- and Peer Assessment

Categories: Literacy

This blog post is connected with the book (Re)Designing Narrative Writing Units for Grades 5–12.

To effectively revise their writing for improvement, students need guidance on how to critically examine their own and classmates’ papers to detect strengths and weaknesses. To aid them, create a revision sheet that functions as an instructional tool for self-assessment and peer review. It should be expressly designed for students to critique key elements of the genre they aim to produce and align with the writing checklist and rubric that reflect expectations and criteria for the task.

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