Melissa R. Carli

Melissa R. Carli is a curriculum program specialist for Lake County Schools in Florida. She has taught at the elementary and middle school levels and served as both a mathematics coach and department chair.
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When Students Actively Learn and Teachers Facilitate

Small Group, Big Change: When Students Actively Learn and Teachers Facilitate

Categories: Instruction, Mathematics

Based on Making Sense of Mathematics for Teaching the Small Group.

Imagine this classroom. A teacher sits at a kidney-shaped table with four students. The teacher patiently explains how to solve a long-division problem. Students quietly listen to the teacher’s explanation and do their best to follow along. After the teacher explains the first problem, the teacher directs the students to attempt the next problem on their own. The students struggle, and the teacher steps in to provide scaffolding by walking them through the procedure one more time. This time, the steps are provided a little slower and perhaps a little louder. Does this seem familiar to you? Read more