Philip B. Warrick

Philip B. Warrick, EdD, is an author and consultant and has worked globally in the areas of school leadership, instruction, collaborative practices, and grading for 25 years. He has been honored as Nebraska’s 2005 Principal of the Year. In 2010, Dr. Warrick was invited to participate in the Texas Principals’ Visioning Institute.
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Teamwork requires all of the puzzle pieces to fit together.

Identifying When to Collaborate on Decisions

Categories: PLC, School Improvement

Based on Leading a High Reliability School

A key aspect of leading a high reliability school is to put formal structures in place that clearly invite teachers to participate in specific aspects of decision-making for the school. In fact, when specific initiatives are driven by a staff decision-making process, they can quickly gain momentum and acceptance by the whole staff. Read more

High Reliability Schools and PLCs

High Reliability Schools and PLCs

Categories: PLC

For 15 years as a school and district leader, I continually worked toward creating a systems approach for the work we were doing that would ultimately improve student achievement. In Leading a High Reliability School, we offer a comprehensive look into a systemic approach to school leadership that can serve any school. In essence, this work establishes a union of two very profound and effective concepts: the PLC at Work™ process and the High Reliability Schools™ (HRS) framework. Read more