Scott A. Cunningham

Scott Cunningham is principal of Olentangy Orange Middle School in Ohio. He has over 18 years of experience in education as a principal, assistant principal, and teacher.
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What target are you trying to reach?

Learning in a PLC: Student by Student, Target by Target

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Collaborative teams in PLC schools use the four critical questions of learning to drive their collective inquiry and action research:

  1. What do we want students to learn? (essential standards)
  2. How will we know if they have learned? (team-developed common assessments)
  3. What will we do if they don’t learn? (systematic interventions)
  4. What will we do if they already know it? (extended learning)

(DuFour, DuFour, Eaker, Many, 2010)

These questions are absolutely fundamental to the PLC process.

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