Thomas Soto

Thomas Soto, an assistant principal at Sanger High School, oversees English, English learners, and special education. He has worked with students from a variety of cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.
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Demonstrate, Explain, Apply

Common Core and the DEA Teaching Model

Categories: Common Core & Standards, School Improvement

This post is part of an ongoing series on the topic of Eliminating the Achievement Gap for Latino Students.

Common Core has opened the door for a different kind of learning experience for both teachers and students. The traditional classroom with the teacher being the keeper of knowledge, and the students being the sponges of information is being flipped. The teacher’s role is shifting away from instructor and leaning more towards facilitator. With this shift, students are transitioning to be the active participant in their own learning, responsible for their own engagement and product. This level of ownership of learning is especially beneficial for English Language Learners. ELL students need to build relevance with new learnings, and this new approach will only solidify connections and provide personal contexts for their new learnings.

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