Timothy S. Stuart

Timothy S. Stuart, EdD, is head of school for International Community School of Addis Ababa. In his previous role as executive director of strategic programs at the Singapore American School, he served as the chief architect for research and development and supported strategic school reform.
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Making personalization work by transferring agency to students

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Making Personalization Work: Transferring Agency from Superheroes to Students

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Based on Personalized Learning in a PLC at Work™

Have you ever wondered why differentiation is so elusive and challenging to implement in schools? For years, educators have attempted to differentiate with a varying degree of success. Ask any school leader, and they would be very happy if teachers would intentionally plan and deliver instruction that differentiates at three levels: high, middle, and low. Yet we all know that every student is unique. Students come to our classrooms and schools with different learning backgrounds, home situations, and levels of attainment, not to mention a vast array of student interests and passions.

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