Yazmin Pineda Zapata

Yazmin Pineda Zapata, EdD, is a program specialist and teacher leader at Health Sciences High and Middle College in California. Her expertise in delivering special education services allows her to advocate for students in grades K–12 with varying learning differences.
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Unaccomodated students struggle to learn, while accomated students thrive.

Ensuring Accessible Curriculum for All: What’s Your Objective?

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How many times have we been confronted with completed assignments that did not accomplish what we intended to teach or assess? With every lesson and every assignment, there is often a percentage of students who did not demonstrate competency at the level we had hoped. We assume that these students may require reteaching. However, we may be surprised to find that the students knew the information all along. We then are perplexed and ask, why didn’t the student just show that on paper? Why did Nathan not answer this way on the test? Why did Karina leave that question blank on her exit slip? Read more