Want a Quick Guide to Web 2.0 Tools and Projects?

Web 2.0: Tools and Projects

One of the challenges that teachers often have when working in digital spaces is identifying tools that are worth exploring and/or experimenting with.  To help with that process, I’ve whipped together a Quick Guide to Web 2.0 Tools and Projects that I’m currently using in my work with teachers and students.

You can check it out here:


Notice that the tools and projects are organized by the essential skill — information management, collaborative dialogue, verbal and visual persuasion, collaborative problem solving — that they are designed to support.  The way that I see it, tools are useless if they aren’t being used to help kids master the kinds of core behaviors that define efficient and effective learners.

Technology IS just a tool, after all.

Now, I’m not going to guarantee that this is the PERFECT list of Web 2.0 Tools and Projects, y’all.

The simple truth is that there are TONS of really great products that teachers and students are using to do remarkable work in the classroom.  If you think I’m missing a killer tool, leave me a link in the comment section.  I love finding out about the tools and services that others believe in.

But I CAN guarantee that the tools on this list are worth exploring because I use them all in my own classroom.


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