Dennis King

Dennis King, EdD, is an assistant professor of education in the doctoral program at Baker University in Kansas. A consultant, he has served in multiple roles, from classroom teacher to assistant superintendent of school improvement.
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The Emergence of Response to Intervention

The Emergence of Response to Intervention

Categories: RTI

During the summer of 2005, I recall helping my sister set up her fifth-grade classroom. A new school year was rapidly approaching in the central Illinois school district. We were discussing my role as an education consultant, now supporting educators in the areas of the professional learning community (PLC) process, assessment, and response to intervention (RTI). Her response: “Don’t talk to me about RTI; it’s a documentation nightmare! Read more

The PLC machine

Enhancing the Professional Learning Community Process: A Series of Tweaks

Categories: PLC

Are teams getting their desired results? This question resonates with most teachers and principals each week as they work within their collaborative teams. All too often when asked about the PLC process, the response is “We do that.” The questions should shift to become results focused. In other words:

What products are the teams creating?

What evidence do we have that more students are learning?

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