Kit Norris

Kit Norris is a mathematics consultant who works with a team to support teachers and administrators focused on the implementation process of the Common Core State Standards.
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engaging all students in math

HOW Do Teachers Engage ALL K-5 Students in Learning Mathematics?

Categories: Mathematics

Kit and I have had the opportunity to work with many elementary school teachers as they focus their energies on having all students learn mathematics.  We noticed as state mathematics standards began to change, teachers first addressed the differences in content students needed to learn at each grade level and then quickly started asking some deeper, instructional questions like:

We get the changes in mathematics standards, but HOW?

  • HOW do we teach content so students make sense of mathematics?
  • HOW do we get students to talk about mathematics?
  • HOW do we design lessons so students are doing the thinking and talking 60% – 65% of every lesson? (Kanold, 2015)
  • HOW do we make sure students develop the habits of mind needed to be successful mathematicians?

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Drawing on a white board

White Boards: Looking to Learn?

Categories: Mathematics

Consider the following 2 scenarios:

Scenario 1

Ms. Noether informed her fourth graders that they would be using the dry erase boards to answer a series of questions on decimals. The students were seated in groups of four and one student from each group gathered all of the necessary supplies. When everyone was ready, Ms. Noether presented the first question:

How many tens are in 146?

Students began writing. I immediately saw a variety of answers such as 4 and 14 tens. I also noticed one student who seemed perplexed. Sheila began looking at her neighbor’s white board and wrote the same response on her own board. She had written the correct answer, 14 tens.

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Comparison math task

Meaningful Tasks: Three Critical Questions (Part 1)

Categories: Mathematics

Part 1: Setting the Stage

Around the country, I hear teachers talking about meaningful tasks. Regardless of grade level, teachers want to understand the what, why, and how of meaningful tasks. This blog addresses these questions in two parts: Setting the Stage describes the what and the why of meaningful tasks as well as the planning necessary to implement the tasks. The second part offers suggestions for implementation and reflection.

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