Terry Morganti-Fisher

Terry Morganti-Fisher has 30 years of collaborative, results-driven, continuous organizational and professional development experience that includes senior-level management in a large urban public school district.
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Reflection & Appreciation

Categories: PLC, School Improvement

The school year is barreling toward the finish, yet you still have a list of things to do that is a mile long. In spite of this, we want you to pause, breathe, and take some time to reflect on all that you’ve accomplished.

By our very nature, as educators we have our eyes on what’s next. But, if we don’t take time to reflect, how will we learn? As importantly, where will we find the energy to keep going?

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Chart showing fear decreasing as pride grows

Choosing Pride Over Fear

Categories: Assessment

“Wherever there is fear, you will get wrong figures.” ~W. Edwards Deming

While a pall hangs over Atlanta Public Schools, we are reminded that there is usually more to a scandal than meets the eye. Several years ago, when the story first broke, we challenged the leaders of that system to take a look at the conditions that led to, and perhaps even rewarded, the unfathomable behavior of the educators involved.

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