Avanti Is a Future of Education Technology Top Ed Tech Product Finalist

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Whether you’re a current subscriber to Avanti or are curious as to what this innovative new tech tool is all about, we have exciting news to share. The esteemed organization Future of Education Technology (FETC) has named Avanti as a Top Ed Tech Product of the Year finalist.

FETC hosts the popular education technology conference known worldwide for its influence and innovation. According to the FETC website, for over 40 years, the National Future of Education Technology® Conference has gathered the most dynamic and innovative education leaders and professionals from around the world for an intensive, highly collaborative exploration of new technologies, best practices, and pressing issues. FETC is known to educators and technologists as the best place to engage with the thought leaders and pioneers who are leading the charge in classrooms, schools, and entire districts.

Avanti, the personalized professional learning platform created by teachers for teachers, has earned high marks for its ability to help educators take control of their professional learning. The word is out. Avanti stands ready to provide you with the content you need, created by teachers you can trust, to bring your vision of success to life—for you and your students.

Here are the top five reasons why Avanti has claimed such an honor:

Avanti maximizes educators’ time and ability to impact student success.
With hundreds of videos sortable by grade level and popular relevant topics—including engagement, building relationships, direct instruction, learning goals, and assessments—it’s quick and easy to find a strategy that is applicable to your students’ needs.

Avanti is a tool made for teachers with limited time and a hunger to learn.
Not only is it fast and easy to search for content that’s relevant to you, but the videos are also short, teacher-friendly, and accessible—and they get right to the strategy. The more you use Avanti, the more your teacher toolkit will grow. Plus, Avanti professional development applies toward state licensing requirements where applicable. Check your state education department for eligibility.

Avanti offers a place to reflect and collaborate with other teachers.
You can journal your reflections in the app and keep them private to track your professional development hours—or you can share them with the community, ask questions, and give advice on different strategies.

Avanti allows you to participate in live streams and collaborate with others on a variety of relevant topics.

Ask questions, get answers, and collaborate with practicing teachers for one hour once a month.

Avanti is a small investment to make a big impact on student achievement.
For $98 a year, you get access to hundreds of proven teaching strategies (with new ones added monthly); a place to take notes, collaborate, and learn from other teachers; downloadable implementation, planning, and reflection tools; and live streams with experienced teachers.

At Avanti, our Vision is to empower teachers to choose professional learning that will make the most positive impact on student success and their own personal calling to teach. Discover for yourself the power of this unprecedented online tool for teachers. Claim your free 7-day trial today.

6 Quick Tips for Video Marketing

6 Quick Tips for Video Marketing

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Hello again, authors!
It’s that time. Time to get on camera to market that book. Luckily, you aren’t the first, won’t be the last, and you’re definitely not alone. We’re here to help you make the best video possible.

Here are our 6 best tips for creating and sharing videos, and a few other technical details designed to help you produce engaging content.

Film high quality footage. “Found footage” video quality might be great for horror films, but it isn’t ideal for advertising books. To make your video pop, you have to consider lighting, audio, camera stability and angles, and camera quality (even if you use a smartphone).
Helpful tip! Have you cleaned your phone’s camera lens lately?

Consider your purpose. Social media guru Marie Ennis-O’Connor says it best: “Being clear about your purpose will help you create video content that resonates with your audience. If you read any of my writing on social media strategy, you know I always start with the why before the how. Do you want to showcase your product? Educate your customers? Help your audience to get to know you better? If you can’t find a compelling reason to create a video then you will be wasting your time.”

Start with a strong hook. Just like an academic paper, the first few seconds of a video are the most important part. “A strong hook teases what your video is about. You can start off with an enticing question or share a major takeaway.” (Natasha Samuel, 5 Social Media Video Tips to Get More Engagement)
Helpful tip! Are you showing your face? Do it right away. Don’t worry, everyone feels awkward on video at first.

Tell a story. Create a clear flow. Even your grandparents’ slideshow told the story of their vacation to Norway, and if their slides could do it, you can too. Unlike your grandparents, however, you can storyline your video first. Think first about the problem(s) your book helps to solve, then explain how and why your work presents the solution.
Helpful tip! Use a storyboard or online script writing tool. Having a planned story helps with flow.

Create an Emotional Response. The most effective advertisements are often those that appeal to emotion, and some research does suggest that emotional content is more likely to get shared.

Keep It Simple. “Bombarding your audience with too much information at one time never ends well — they’ll go elsewhere to find the answers.” — Wistia.

Bonus technical content. Consider your technical needs. Here’s a quick list of suggestions from Solution Tree’s video experts:

  • Add text or subtitles and make sure your videos work without sound (people on Facebook often watch videos without sound.)
  • Keep your phone stable as you record.
  • Position the lens at eye level.
  • Hold the phone horizontally when you record. Most phones are already set to record at the best settings.
  • Film in a well-lit area with lighting in front of you.
  • Speak loudly, clearly, and smile! Ideally, your personality should come through.
  • Don’t forget to press record! It happens more often than you think.

It might take some practice, but we’re sure these tips will help you find the confidence to take that jump into video content.

Introducing Our Parents as Partners: A New Resource for Parents & Caregivers

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This year has been challenging for everyone, parents included. That’s why we’re excited to announce a brand-new resource for parents and caregivers alike. Introducing … 

A curated collection of helpful tips and relevant information, this new website is designed to provide assistance to families navigating today’s current educational landscape.

Based on direct insights from teachers and school leaders, the information on this site will help parents and caregivers:

  • Meet their children’s basic needs
  • Better facilitate learning at home
  • Support their children’s emotional needs
  • Ensure remote learning is on track with curriculum standards
  • Keep their children on the pathway to fulfilling their potential

Think of it as a compendium for parents supporting distance learners.

Read more

Using Protocols in the Virtual Classroom

Using Protocols in the Virtual Classroom

Categories: Instruction, Technology

There are many strategies to help facilitate the virtual learning experience. Organizing students into small groups can be a powerful learning structure to combat student isolation and increase student engagement.

But how do you ensure that putting students into breakout rooms will produce positive learning outcomes for the group and for each student? One strategy that is effective in facilitating small-group learning is using protocols. Read more

Five Keys to Personalizing Deeper Learning

Five Keys to Personalizing Deeper Learning

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Based on Personalized Deeper Learning

Here’s a scenario to get us started: A colleague, Tom, is shoulder-deep advocating for technology as the best way to personalize learning for every kid. To start, he favors that every student be on a computer. For him, tech makes life easier for teachers.

I feel compelled to challenge Tom’s belief that every kid must have a digital program for every subject, all day, every day, if his teachers are going to personalize learning. (For starters, his declaration eliminates personalized learning for students who have neither a computer nor the internet, and most of those whose classrooms may have limited devices.) Read more