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5 Reasons to Attend an Assessment Institute

You know that feeling you get when you rush, rush, rush to get to a conference after a long day of travel, compounded by months of trying to cram teaching, family, and personal care into an already too-fast-paced life? Perhaps you check into your hotel and unzip the suitcase you packed at home, wondering if you even packed the right clothing. You might ask yourself when you should get breakfast, who you will sit with, and how you will ever manage to relax and learn. You might begin to wonder if attending was more effort than it will be worth.

Here is what we know—attending an All Things Assessment Institute will be exponentially more than worth it. It will fill your cup and remind you that you are a human being (on top of being a teacher or administrator and a family member). It will awaken curiosity and remind you of the joy of learning something new in a place where others are exploring many of the same important questions.

Assessment is crucial to everything we do as educators. As author Tom Schimmer says, “Assessment is relationship building. How we handle all aspects of assessment says more about our relationships with our students than anything else we do.” Each presenter at an All Things Assessment Institute has seen the power of assessment for learners. They have witnessed how assessment has built confidence when there previously was none. They have watched students come to an understanding that learning is attainable and that they can achieve at high levels, no matter who they are.

For our presenters, assessment has changed the culture of classrooms from one of compliance to one of meaningful learning. They know that assessment has the ability to empower, excite, and invigorate. These presenters are committed to sharing this passion for assessment with you. You will leave an All Things Assessment Institute with ideas and strategies that can be implemented in your classroom immediately.

Here are the top five reasons why attending an All Things Assessment Institute is a must for this upcoming school year:

  1. There is built-in team time

    We all understand the feeling of attending a conference, being overwhelmed with information, and not having any time to work on or discuss implementation. At an All Things Assessment Institute, there is time built into the day to team, discuss, and pick the brains of the assessment experts. You will not only leave feeling inspired, but you will also leave with a clear vision and an action plan for implementation.

  2. The presenters are top-notch

    You will hear from presenters who range from practicing classroom teachers to seasoned and respected thought leaders in the field of assessment. No matter your place in the journey, you will be greeted by assessment associates are who are passionate about the work they are involved in and who are excited to help move your school forward.

  3. Everyone attending will benefit

    Whether you are a classroom teacher, instructional coach, building administrator, or district-level administrator, these institutes are for you! Whether you are interested in creating a culture of hope and building more self-regulatory learners or starting the shift toward standards-based grading and you need a jumpstart and direction for your journey, this is the place for you. There is something here for everyone.

  4. Well-organized events offer more time for learning

    We’ve all been to events that feel a little chaotic. That’s not the case at All Things Assessment. Throughout both the planning and execution phases, Solution Tree staff is dedicated to making this event meaningful for you, working hard to create a schedule that is clear and easy to navigate. You won’t waste any of your valuable time trying to navigate through schedules and agendas. The support materials for the institute are second-to-none, and the on-site staff are committed to making your experience a great one. Even when you have a break, there is an amazing selection of educational literature to purchase and fill your suitcase on the way home.

  5. You will build relationships that last beyond the event itself

    One of the very best things about a conference is the chance to connect with other educators from around the world. This institute is no exception. Both the keynotes and the breakout sessions offer many opportunities to network and think with people who come from various backgrounds and contexts. You will hear about both the assessment challenges and the successes in schools across North America (and beyond). Discussion is the foundation of this institute, and the chance to speak with colleagues and thought leaders is a gift you won’t forget.

Want to learn even more? Check out the agenda for an All Things Assessment Institute now, to see if it’s a good match for you and your professional growth. You won’t regret registering, and your students will thank you for it when their assessment lives change.

Mandy Stalets

Mandy Stalets is a teacher and learner who is passionate about sound assessment and grading practices, as well as standards-based learning. Along with her consulting work, she is currently a high school mathematics teacher at Illinois State University’s laboratory schools.

Katie White

Katie White spends her days working to transform the educational experience for teachers and students. She has been an integral part of her own school system's multi-year journey through educational reform and has assisted systems worldwide in their work toward approaches that honor learning relationships.

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