Bill Barnes

Bill Barnes is coordinator of secondary mathematics for the Howard County Public School System in Maryland. He is also cofounder of Core Challenge and an adjunct professor for several universities.
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Leadership guidance

GPS for Mathematics Leadership

Categories: Mathematics

Do you love Google Maps as much as we do?  This one app has changed how the world travels.  When we are traveling, whether for business or family vacation, we rely heavily on this amazing app to get us where we want to go using the most direct route possible. We no longer have to bring a stack of maps and lists of all addresses needed for our trip.  Instead, when preparing for trips, we click the Google Maps’ “magical star” to save our addresses for future reference.  Then, as we travel with Google Maps, that soothing voice happily announces, “Here is the fastest route given the current traffic.”

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Part 2

Keys to Effective Mathematics Leadership—Activating your Vision for Math Teaching and Learning (Part 2)

Categories: Mathematics

Okay…so you have worked with your teachers, leaders, and community members to establish a clearly defined vision for exemplary mathematics teaching and learning. Now what? How can you be sure that your vision is enacted?

In my last post, I described a professional learning experience (dubbed Principals Curriculum and Instruction or PCI) that our district is providing to our school principals focused on achieving the following three pursuits Read more

IEP goals

Developing Mathematics IEP Goals and Objectives that Work!

Categories: Mathematics

How do you address the needs of struggling learners and students with Individualized Education Plans (IEP) in your math classroom? By leveraging the Standards for Mathematical Practice (NGA and CCSSP, 2010) during the IEP goal setting and objective writing process, we were able to help all of our students in the Howard County Public School System (HCPSS) make meaningful gains in mathematics learning. In this blog, we want to briefly share the essential elements of an IEP goal-setting tool that is transforming instruction for our students receiving special education services.

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