Bob Sonju

Bob Sonju is an award-winning educational leader, author, and speaker who is nationally recognized for his energetic commitment to coaching teacher teams and educational leaders in research-based processes and systems that create the conditions for lasting success.

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Help Your Team

Help Your Team: Overcoming Common Collaborative Challenges in a PLC


Based on Help Your Team

In a letter written in 1789 to Jean-Baptiste Leroy, Benjamin Franklin said, “But in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Although still amazingly accurate today, we believe that we, as educators, can add a third certainty: In their efforts to ensure high levels of learning for all students, collaborative teams will struggle with certain predictable challenges.

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Getting RTI on target

What Does RTI Look Like in the Classroom?

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Effective RTI in the classroom can seem overwhelming at times. As a current school leader, practitioner, and associate for Solution Tree, I am afforded the wonderful opportunity to work with educators, schools, and districts around the country. I am continually inspired by the commitment of the educators I work with and their sincere desire to improve. As I’ve visited schools and districts, I’ve noticed a common comment that occasionally arises while intervening in the classroom, which I’d like to refer to as the “if only” dilemma. Read more