Daniel Cohan

Daniel Cohan is community superintendent for the Jefferson County public school district in Colorado. He is former principal of Pomona High School in Arvada, Colorado, where he and his staff implemented processes for RTI and PLCs.
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Putting money into your PLC

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Put Your Money Where Your Maxim Is: “Investing” in PLCs at the District Level

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Dictionary.com defines maxim as “a general truth or principle” or “a rule of conduct.” A few years ago when I was a high school principal leading the implementation of a PLC at my school, I wrote an article for NASSP with a subtitle emphasizing the importance of allocating school resources to support PLC development, if indeed this was how we would run our school.

Now in working with schools in my district striving to become PLCs, as well as other PLCs across the country, I hear common frustrations on the need for district coordination, leadership, resources, and yes, money, to aid them in their efforts. I offer up front that money, in its most common form, need not be an obstacle to implementing PLCs. However, calling upon Dictionary.com once again, money is defined as “capital to be borrowed, loaned, or invested” —very much has a place for engendering model PLC schools and districts.

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