Jay McTighe

Jay McTighe is an author who is well-known for his work on thinking skills. He coordinated state of Maryland efforts to develop instructional strategies, curriculum models, and assessment procedures to improve the quality of student thinking.
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ABC blueprint

A Blueprint for Learning

Categories: Instruction, Technology

(Note: This post is co-authored by Jay McTighe and guest author Greg Curtis.)

Many researchers and authors, both within the field of education and beyond, have made the case for educational change in order to prepare today’s students for the challenges and opportunities they will encounter tomorrow. We agree that education needs to undertake major reform in order to meet the needs of our students, our countries, and our planet in the years to come. In our forthcoming book, Leading Modern Learning: A Blueprint for Vision-Driven Schools (Solution Tree, 2015), we explore a central question: How might we determine and enact needed educational changes in a systemic and lasting way? The book offers a “blueprint” of practical and proven approaches to redesign your educational environment, whether a district, a school, or a single department.

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