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Laurie Robinson Sammons uses her expertise to help K–12 schools develop and implement sustainable best practices for a variety of topics and initiatives, including PLCs, curriculum design, assessment, instructional practice, intervention, and differentiation.
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Ways to Differentiate

Adapting Instruction Through Differentiation

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Ask the average family of five sitting around the dinner table if directives given by Mom or Dad are heard and delivered in the same way by their children, and I would wager big money that the answer would be a resounding “No way!” Very simply, attention span, learning style, willingness to engage, and just plain personal interest are just a few of the factors that contribute to getting a productive family response.

Now step away from the kitchen table and enter a classroom of 25 students, where those same factors play into the final product. Can we agree that not all those students engage, create, commit, or produce a similar product based on what they hear or what they are able to do, show, or tell while being directed by the teacher? The answer is a definitive “YES!” Due to the diverse populations of students each teacher encounters day to day within the classroom, adapting learning to meet the many and varied degrees of proficiency of each student can be extremely difficult. Read more