Michael T. Adamson

Michael T. Adamson, Ed.D., is the Director of Board Services at the Indiana School Boards Association, Adamson is a former school board member of the Avon Community School Corporation in Avon, Indiana, where he served for a total of 20 years, from 1974–78 and 1984–2000.
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How School Boards and Superintendents Can Collaborate

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The Roles of Modern School Boards and Superintendents and How They Can Work Together

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This post is based on the book Building Great School Board–Superintendent Teams.

“Leadership theory runs swift and deep, the river banks crowded with animated commentators and interested observers. Governance theory trickles along the shallower backwaters; it attracts little notice and even fewer devotees” (Chait, Ryan, & Taylor, 2005, p. xix).

School boards and superintendents are a part of the educational culture throughout our nation. However, there is much debate regarding their role in education. Read more