Richard K. Cohen

Richard K. Cohen is the assistant superintendent of the Metuchen School District in New Jersey and serves as co-adjunct faculty at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Before becoming assistant superintendent, Richard led as principal for Red Bank Primary School in Red Bank, New Jersey and acted as founding director of a new bilingual school, Colegio Americano, in San Salvador, El Salvador.
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Metacognitive Strategies for Improving Students' Mental Health

Metacognitive Strategies for Improving Students’ Mental Health

Categories: 21st Century Skills, Instruction, Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)

Now more than ever, students need skills, strategies, and mental processes to more effectively cope with the many challenges that COVID-19, racial inequities, and distance learning pose.

Although many educators teach a wide range of critical-thinking skills, problem-solving processes, and coping strategies, students often lack the ability to independently identify and apply the appropriate critical-thinking skill, problem-solving process, or coping strategy to help them stay calm, think clearly, and resolve conflicts. Read more