Sarah Schuhl

Sarah Schuhl, a consultant specializing in mathematics, has been a secondary mathematics teacher, high school instructional coach, and K–12 mathematics specialist for nearly 20 years.

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Ponder, Learn, Anticipate, Notice

PLAN for 2016–2017

Categories: Mathematics

Wow! Another year of teaching and learning has drawn to a close…it never ceases to amaze me how quickly a school year can fly by.  With summer comes a time to reboot, recharge, and PLAN for 2016–2017. What does it mean to PLAN for the next school year? To move beyond hope for student learning and move toward intentional purpose to have all students learn mathematics? Consider the following:

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engaging all students in math

HOW Do Teachers Engage ALL K-5 Students in Learning Mathematics?

Categories: Mathematics

Kit and I have had the opportunity to work with many elementary school teachers as they focus their energies on having all students learn mathematics.  We noticed as state mathematics standards began to change, teachers first addressed the differences in content students needed to learn at each grade level and then quickly started asking some deeper, instructional questions like:

We get the changes in mathematics standards, but HOW?

  • HOW do we teach content so students make sense of mathematics?
  • HOW do we get students to talk about mathematics?
  • HOW do we design lessons so students are doing the thinking and talking 60% – 65% of every lesson? (Kanold, 2015)
  • HOW do we make sure students develop the habits of mind needed to be successful mathematicians?

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