Tim Brown

Tim Brown, an educational speaker and author, has 30 years of experience in education. As principal of elementary, middle, and high schools in Missouri, he led each to become a successful professional learning community.

Building Confident Learners

Building a True Community of Confident Learners

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Over 25 years ago I heard Dr. Richard DuFour speak about Professional Learning Communities. I was attending an Effective Schools Conference and happened into his breakout session titled “Through New Eyes.” From that moment on, my professional life changed.

As I came to know and understand the PLC at Work® process, it became clear that embedded in the process is the challenge to always seek deeper understanding and application of the science in our field. That science requires a constant reflection into classroom practices that enhance student learning, a willingness to grow comfortable with a constant disquiet with the status quo, and a desire to always find better ways to ensure that all students learn at the highest levels. This disquiet is what sparks necessary changes to occur, thus providing the energy to advance the mission, vision, and goals of the school. It also reinforces and connects the educators to what is most valued. Read more