Toby J. Karten

Toby J. Karten is a lecturer at Drew and Monmouth University and an adjunct professor and graduate instructor at the Regional Training Center, which is affiliated with Gratz College, College of New Jersey, and Washington College.
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Word cloud surrounding the word "Inclusion". Part of the Pandemic Response and Educational Practices (PREP) blog series.

Inclusion Strategies and Interventions: Then, Now, and Later

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This entry is the eighth in a blog series called Pandemic Response and Educational Practices (PREP), which aims to highlight and further the important work educators are doing amid the worldwide COVID-19 crisis.

Based on Inclusion Strategies and Interventions

During the first two weeks of March, I attended a Broadway show, presented at educational conferences, offered on-site inclusion coaching, received a massage, and whispered “namaste” in a yoga class.  Read more

Starring our Students

‘Starring’ Our Students with Differentiated Instruction


Based on Developing Effective Learners

Students, like stars, are diverse, as they vary in size, composition, and name. When stars shine, energy is released and sent out into the universe as light. The way to develop effective learners is different from grasping for stars, but it also requires conditions for students with a diversity of abilities “to glow.” These conditions occur through differentiated instruction and assessment that acknowledges student diversity. How boring the world would be if all “stars” were identical! Read more

Education is like nautical navigation.

Diminishing Barriers to Learning

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Sneakers, planes, rockets, and boats. Getting from place to place happens with a structured itinerary, whether one is on foot, in the air, in space, or on water. Education, like navigation, embraces the planning, collaboration, and knowledge. Read more