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  1. Bryan Alexander

    Bryan Alexander, PhD, is an internationally known researcher, writer, speaker, consultant, and teacher. He specializes in helping educators transform education through the use of technology.

  2. Gayle Allen

    Gayle Allen, EdD, is an experienced educator, researcher, and author who helps educational leaders drive transformative change. Using theory, practice, and humor, she challenges teams to become collaborative, data-driven, and digitally connected.

  3. James A. Bellanca

    James A. Bellanca is nationally recognized as a practical 21st century skills and deeper learning innovator who helps educators make project- and problem-based learning ready to go on the next school day.

  4. Jennifer Borgioli Binis

    Jennifer Borgioli Binis is president of Schoolmarm Advisors. A former middle school special education teacher and professional development provider, she has facilitated large- and small-scale audit and design projects with and for schools, districts, and states.

  5. Suzie Boss

    Suzie Boss is a writer and consultant who focuses on the power of teaching and learning to empower others to improve their lives and transform their communities through innovative programs.

  6. Andrew Churches

    Andrew Churches is a teacher, head of faculty, and information and communications technology enthusiast. He teaches at Kristin School in Auckland, New Zealand, which has a comprehensive technology program for all students.

  7. Lee Crockett

    Lee Crockett is an author, speaker, designer, inspirational thinker, and the creative force behind some of the most exciting transformations in education happening worldwide.

  8. Greg Curtis

    Greg Curtis is an author and presenter. He has spent more than 30 years working with schools around the world as a teacher, curriculum and professional learning director, leadership trainer, strategic planner, and IT director.

  9. Tom Driscoll

    Tom Driscoll is CEO of EdTechTeacher and a nationally renowned speaker and author working with over 250 client schools and organizations. Tom specializes in digital learning, civic education, and school leadership.

  10. Richard E. Ferdig

    Richard E. Ferdig, PhD, is summit professor of learning technologies and professor of instructional technology at Kent State University, where he works in the Research Center for Educational Technology and the School of Lifespan Development and Educational Sciences.