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  1. Literacy in a PLC

    Guiding Teams to Get Going and Get Better in Grades K–6 Reading

    Authors Paula Maeker and Jacqueline Heller are practitioners who share the belief that all students can be literate at high levels. Explore their practical, research-affirmed framework for how teams can better sustain change and improve as literacy educators.



  2. Acceleration for All

    A How-To Guide for Overcoming Learning Gaps

    Closing achievement gaps is an urgent goal for all schools, not just priority schools. The authors show that remediation is not the answer. Instead, they offer educational strategies for acceleration that will level up learning for all students, as well as a framework for implementing accelerated learning schoolwide.



  3. Redefining Student Accountability

    A Proactive Approach to Teaching Behavior Outside the Gradebook

    Schools have long tied student behavior to academic grades. This book will help you separate achievement from behavior and learn how to teach students positive behaviors, social-emotional intelligence, and skills for navigating their place as learners.



  4. Teacher Leaders, Classroom Champions

    How to Influence, Support, and Renew School Communities

    Teacher leadership is not about doing more, it’s about doing what matters most. We can’t put more hours in the school day, but those hours can be used better to achieve goals for schools. The purpose of this book is to provide information that teacher leaders can act on right now.



  5. Up to the Challenge

    Teaching Resilience and Responsibility in the Classroom

    How do you build resilience in students? This timely resource lets educators take a deep dive into growth mindset learning to confront challenges and promote perseverance and grit. With passion and purpose, author Jay Jackson equips teachers with the tools they need to inspire happy children.



  6. Common Formative Assessment, Second Edition

    A Toolkit for Professional Learning Communities at Work®

    This book will help collaborative teams meet the challenges of a new landscape of education—one in which we’re now familiar with formative assessment and we strive to improve our assessment design and allow data to inform instruction to best support student achievement.



  7. What STEM Can Do for Your Classroom

    Improving Student Problem Solving, Collaboration, and Engagement, Grades K–6

    This book will help you teach creativity through STEM, focusing on authentic student collaboration and choice while offering examples and field-tested strategies for how to get there.



  8. Assessing Learning in the Standards-Based Classroom

    A Practical Guide for Teachers

    Whether you are well versed in writing proficiency scales or are seeking practical guidance on classroom assessment that best supports student learning, this book will help you design standards-based assessments that provide meaningful data to inform your next steps in the instructional cycle.



  9. The RTI Toolkit

    Explore a curated collection of professional development resources for teachers. This package of self-guided books for social-emotional learning, behavior solutions, and MTSS/RTI in education includes 29 books, 1 DVD, and a subscription to AllThingsPLC Magazine.
    15% off regular retail price of these resources when you buy them as a toolkit. You save $200!


    Paperback, Magazine, Video

  10. Elevate School-Based Professional Learning

    Empower teachers to design, implement, and evaluate their own school-based professional learning to improve collective teacher efficacy and impact student achievement. This book offers tools and strategies for creating effective school professional development that most directly ties to daily application of skills.



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