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You have the potential to transform the lives of your students.

Priority Schools in a PLC at Work® meets your passion for student success with research-backed, practical solutions that have been field-tested in schools labeled as low-performing.

“We are not suggesting that teachers need to work harder or longer; teachers already work hard enough. But it is important to engage in the right work—the work that yields better results.”

Sharon V. Kramer

Priority Schools in a PLC at Work® white papers

Rising to the Challenges of School Improvement for All

Ready to start making a difference for each student you serve? Take the first step by downloading a free white paper by Sharon V. Kramer.

6 Mindsets to Accelerate Learning for All Students

Struggling students aren’t confined to high-priority schools. When a student needs more support to achieve grade level, the traditional school model says to remediate. We say accelerate. Learn 6 mindset shifts you can make to transform learning for students who need the most support.

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Books & Videos

Sharon V. Kramer leads a lineup of authors who have developed resources to unite your staff in the important work of ensuring every student learns.

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Gain hands-on knowledge of the processes and best practices necessary for continuous school improvement at our interactive workshops.

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On-Site Professional Development

Bring a Priority Schools in a PLC at Work expert to your school or district. Together we build on your current strengths, identify opportunities for growth, and align your time and resources to ensure high levels of learning for all students.

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