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Is this your reality? If not, it can be. Teachers can advance their knowledge and skills to become more effective in classrooms. Educators at all levels can collaborate to create a culture of success. Students can graduate prepared for college, career, and beyond. Now is the time to take action and start achieving your goals.

As the premier provider of professional development, your success is our focus. There's nothing more important to us than helping you increase student achievement. We know you need results now—so let's start working together to ensure that every child in your school or district gets the world-class education he or she deserves.

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Put knowledge into action and start implementing what you’ve learned with our expert guidance.

Put knowledge into action and start implementing what you’ve learned with our expert guidance.

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Global PD Teams—Solution Tree’s award-winning online tool—gives educators focused and goals-oriented training that leads to stronger schools and higher student achievement.

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Ensure your students succeed   Request PD today

Learn from our experience and expertise

Solution Tree professional learning experts are required to have extensive knowledge and years of experience as practitioners in schools and districts. Our rigorous vetting process includes:

    Solution Tree holds an invitation-only training session to identify the unique skill sets and presentation styles of candidates who may become our newest experts.
    We carefully review each candidate’s materials, portfolio, and performance ratings to identify exceptional experts.
    Solution Tree invites only the most qualified candidates to become our approved experts with practical experience in results-oriented environments.
    Our experts are committed to self-reflection and continuous improvement. We collect qualitative and quantitative feedback from each engagement to deliver the highest quality customer experience every time.

We developed this onboarding process to ensure that the experts working with your school are engaging, knowledgeable, and able to advance your team’s confidence and skills.

Featured Presenters

Sharon V. Kramer

Sharon V. Kramer, PhD, an author and a consultant, is a former assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction. She has taught in elementary and middle schools and was a principal, director of elementary education, and professor.

Sharon can help your team with Professional Learning Communities at Work® and Assessment

Anthony Muhammad

Anthony Muhammad, PhD, is a much sought-after consultant. A practitioner for nearly 20 years, he has served as a middle school teacher, assistant principal, and principal, and as a high school principal.

Anthony can help your team with School Culture and Professional Learning Communities at Work®

Luis F. Cruz

Luis F. Cruz, PhD, is former principal of Baldwin Park High School, located east of Los Angeles, California. He has been a teacher and administrator at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.

Luis can help your schools with School Culture, Professional Learning Communities at Work®, and English Learners

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