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ProPath Needs Assessment

ProPath Learning creates the conditions for school leaders to champion the development of their staff’s professional knowledge and skills at a pace that fits within the scope and relevance of daily work.

Your school’s ProPath Learning journey begins with a Needs Assessment. Using a series of diagnostic tools, we will help you identify key efficiencies and deficiencies in five critical areas: leadership, school culture, curriculum, instruction, and assessment. The results of your assessment will lead to PD Pathways, which outline actionable growth plans for individual staff members and help drive sustainable improvements across your school community.

Choose the Needs Assessment to:

  • Gain deep insight into your school by collecting data from focus groups, school artifacts, and a staff perception survey
  • Review a detailed report that highlights strengths and areas for school improvement
  • Receive custom PD Pathways recommendations for each respondent to meet them where they are on their professional journey

Discover How a Needs Assessment Can Inform Your Improvement Plan