Unstoppable Learning

Discover the essential elements of student success

Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey—creators of Unstoppable Learning—are among the most sought-after experts in education today. Hand-selected and trained by Dr. Fisher and Dr. Frey, each Unstoppable Learning presenter is an expert with incredible knowledge and firsthand experience. Partner with us to develop a plan to ensure everyone on your team understands the intricate relationships that affect teaching and learning in the classroom.

The Road Map: Districtwide Implementation

  • Prepare and deliver effective lessons that improve student achievement.
  • Realize the impact of Unstoppable Learning practices on daily instruction along with key strategies teachers can use right now.
  • Manage complex learning environments and support diverse learners.
  • Assess students in meaningful ways that guide instruction and impact learning.
  • Teach students to access complex texts through read-alouds, shared reading, close reading, and text-dependent questions.
  • Cultivate results-oriented leadership to successfully drive forward the culture and climate of the school.

Custom-built services for your district

Progressive series

Leadership Focused on Identifying Needs

Implement systemic change throughout the district by engaging district leaders in a learning experience based on the seven critical components for student success, and identify areas of strength and need at both the district and site levels.

Building Capacity and Knowledge Development for Teacher Leaders

Bring together leadership teams from different schools to focus on the key aspects of a systems-thinking approach to support student learning.

Differentiated Professional Learning for Teachers

Provide teachers with an overview of how to use systems thinking to leverage meaningful school change, and dive deep into identified areas of growth as defined in Service 1.

Individual Site Development

Engage in job-embedded real-time coaching, including productive classroom observation, feedback, and professional development tailored to the needs of each school.

Focus Schools for Going to Scale

Identify schools for targeted, long-term support, linking coaching and professional development to increase student learning and achievement.

Additional services

English Language Arts Site-Specific Coaching

Identify schools for targeted, long-term support with a specific focus on applying systems thinking to strengthen ELA instruction.

English Learners Site-Specific Coaching

Identify schools for targeted, long-term support with a specific focus on honing practices to effectively serve English learners.

Using Unstoppable Learning, one school district increased the percentage of students proficient or advanced in ELA by 86.5% in eight years.

The percentage of students proficient or advanced in ELA rose 86.5% from 2004 to 2012.

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