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Build staff knowledge and skills with a workshop, institute, summit, or digital event. No matter which type you choose, you will gain essential practices, processes, and frameworks for maximizing student performance as revealed by some of education's trailblazers. With their guidance, you'll discover the latest techniques to improve student learning.

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Event Elements Workshops Institutes Summits Wired Events Portable Event Packages PLC at Work® LIVE Institutes
Capacity 75–150 500–2,200 2,000+ No Limit 1 No Limit
Days of Training 2 2–3 3 1–3 60–90
access days
Expert Presenters 1–2 4–14 6–12 1–7 2–12 8–10
In-Person Event      
Digital Event      
Research-Based Strategies
Expert Guidance
Panel Discussions    
Interactive Team Training    
Customizable Content          
Intensive, Topic-Specific Breakout Sessions  
Built-In Team Time  
Critical Support on Key Leadership Issues  
Books Sold at Event      
On-Demand Access        
On-Site Associate  
Choose Your Own Agenda        
Bring a PLC at Work® Institute Direct to Your School or District        
Participate in a Solution Tree Event at Your Own Pace