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Singletons can team up with teachers who are trying to teach similar skills

Advice for Singletons and Small Schools: Find Common Skills

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A thought occurred to me the other day while working with a group of singletons. “If I got to choose the questions that my singletons asked me, what would they be?”

Framing the Problem

What prompted my wonderings is that singletons almost always start with these questions:

  • Who do I collaborate with?
  • How do I create common assessments?

Most singletons get that common assessment is the linchpin of the PLC at Work™ process. They get that good common assessment practices are where the leverage is for better learning for students and adults. They usually feel that unless they can answer these questions meaningfully and completely, collaborating just doesn’t make a lot of sense. You know what? They’re right, it doesn’t. These are meaningful questions … but they’re not the questions I wish they were asking first. Read more

Bringing singletons into the PLC

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Singletons and Small Schools

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If you are thinking “How does all of this PLC stuff work when I’m the only one who does what I do?” you are most likely a singleton teacher! Examples often include teachers of band, choir, art, auto mechanics, consumer science, technology, psychology, business, drama, nursing, special education, dance, media, agriculture… the list goes on and on. In a small school, you may be the only person who teaches your grade level or subject, which also makes you a singleton!

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