Meg Ormiston

Meg Ormiston is a teacher and a classroom tech specialist who works directly with students and teachers whenever possible. Meg is one of the nation’s leading experts in educational technology as it connects to teaching, and annually serves as the lead learner and coach for teachers in her tech boot camps.
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Now Classrooms: Coffeehouse energy, classroom excitement

Different Types of Blending Learning in NOW Classrooms

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Based on Creating a Digital-Rich Classroom

Walk into a busy coffeehouse, and you’ll see people collaborating together, small groups discussing a project, and individuals curled up in chairs working on their personal goals. I believe that same vibe should be felt when you walk into what we call “NOW Classrooms.”

In these classrooms, every student is laser-focused on his or her individual or group task, collaborating as needed, and also working independently based on the goals and standards. The classroom might look like organized chaos, but drill deeper and ask students what they are doing, and why. Read more

5 Trends in Educational Technology for the 2017–18 School Year

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I don’t read the latest fashion trends, but when it comes to educational technology, I want to make sure I agree with the trends and how they align with my work with educators and students. One of the trends is computer coding (coding) in K12 schools. This is happening today with clever tutorials, gadgets, and special events like The Hour of Code, sponsored by the nonprofit President Trump signed a memorandum for STEM education funding, which devotes at least $200 million per year for grant funds to be used by K12 and postsecondary schools to expand access to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) and computer science programs. Read more

Following certain Twitter hashtags or accounts can do a lot for a teacher's professional development!

11,000 Tweets Later—the Decade in Review

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How Twitter Can Help Your Professional Development

I am reading the fascinating book Thank You for Being Late: An Optimist’s Guide to Thriving in the Age of Accelerations by Thomas L. Friedman, the author of The World is Flat. The title of chapter 2caught my attention and inspired this blog post. The title is “What the Hell Happened in 2007?” Let’s say a lot. The first iPhone was released, Facebook reached the masses a few months before, Android was introduced, the Kindle arrived, and a chapter filled with more. Thrown into 2007 was the platform Twitter. Read more