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Pyramid Response to Intervention BESTSELLER

RTI, Professional Learning Communities, and How to Respond When Kids Don't Learn

By: Austin Buffum, Mike Mattos, Chris Weber

Foreword by: Richard DuFour

Accessible language and compelling K12 stories illustrate how RTI is most effective when built on the Professional Learning Communities at Work® process.

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Pyramid Response to Intervention

Accessible language and compelling stories illustrate how RTI is most effective when built on the Professional Learning Communities at Work™ process. Written by award-winning educators from successful PLC schools, this book demonstrates how to create three tiers of interventions—from basic to intensive—to address student learning gaps. You will understand what a successful program looks like, and the many reproducible forms and activities will help your team understand how to make RTI work in your school.

2009 AEP Finalist
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the three tiers of RTI: the core program, the supplemental program, and the intensive program.
  • Learn why RTI is most successful when built on the foundation of a PLC.
  • Discover the role of behavioral interventions and their effects.

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Product Code: BKF251

ISBN: 9781934009338

Published By: Solution Tree

Page Count: 248

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