Introducing Our Parents as Partners: A New Resource for Parents & Caregivers

This year has been challenging for everyone, parents included. That’s why we’re excited to announce a brand-new resource for parents and caregivers alike. Introducing … 

A curated collection of helpful tips and relevant information, this new website is designed to provide assistance to families navigating today’s current educational landscape.

Based on direct insights from teachers and school leaders, the information on this site will help parents and caregivers:

  • Meet their children’s basic needs
  • Better facilitate learning at home
  • Support their children’s emotional needs
  • Ensure remote learning is on track with curriculum standards
  • Keep their children on the pathway to fulfilling their potential

Think of it as a compendium for parents supporting distance learners.

Basic Needs

In order for kids to perform well at school, their basic human needs must be met. Besides information about sleep, nutrition, and safety, Our Parents as Partners also provides timely information on motivating kids, limiting screen time, work/life balance, and establishing routines.

Helping Kids Learn While at Home

Kids must keep pace with their instruction in order to grow. Setting them up to succeed in an online learning environment means making sure parents and caregivers are well equipped to handle whatever comes their way. This site offers several articles about realistic goal setting, teaching basic problem-solving skills, and more.

Supporting the Emotional Needs of Kids

Even though kids are flexible, today’s circumstances come with their own kind of stress. How do you navigate the social and emotional needs of kids right now? By diving into strategies, tips, and practices that promote a healthy mental state and overall well-being. On the site, parents and caregivers can find resources dedicated to promoting social connections, breaking cabin fever, coping with trauma, and even starting family conversations.

Curriculum and Standards Primer

Knowing what to focus on first is essential for ensuring kids are reaching their age-appropriate targets. This can be difficult for parents and caregivers—who didn’t exactly earn a degree in education. This site provides practical ways families can partner with their kids’ teachers to double down on what’s important this year, as well as helpful tools for building the basics.

Fulfilling Individual Potential

There is no shortage of distractions in today’s world. For kids, it tends to be even harder to tune out the noise while at home. Being present and engaged with learning is key for ensuring kids fulfill their potential. So how can parents and caregivers help? By empowering kids to own their learning. Relevant information on this topic and more, such as helping kids develop a growth mindset and pursue their passion, can be found on

Explore Our Parents as Partners, and be sure to share this new resource with your family!

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