A Tool for PLCs

Can technology make the assessment process more effective and more efficient?

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More than 15 years ago, I was a middle school principal trying to help my staff implement the four critical questions of a PLC. We purchased a technology tool that was intended to make the common formative assessment process easier for teachers. As principals sometimes do, I thought it was a great idea! Unfortunately, as we got more sophisticated with our own assessment work, the tool shortly lost its glamour because it couldn’t do many of the things we wanted it to. So, I’ve been really excited to see how far we’ve come in those 15 years. Read more

Student can use eWriters to improve literacy

Using eWriters to support reading and writing instruction

Categories: Instruction, Literacy, Technology

(Note: This post is co-authored by Kristine E. Pytash and Richard E. Ferdig, and guest authors John Dunlosky and Karl W. Kosko of Kent State University.)

Whether children are reading electronic storybooks, creating interactive videos and multimedia stories, or reading and responding to standardized tests in digital formats, technology is influencing what it looks like to read and write and how teachers and parents are using new digital tools to transform reading and writing instruction. As researchers and teachers, we are interested in these various ways technology and digital media support reading and writing instruction. Recently, we’ve been studying eWriters and how these tools might influence children’s writing acquisition and composition process. Read more

Phone apps for education

App-y Hour: Technology in the 21st Century

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Education is being turned upside down and inside out, just as every other sector of society has been. The staunch and staid stock market has become the micro-minute trade, on-line banking has replaced the face of the teller, the waning of paper newspapers is mourned by many as it is replaced with up-to-the-minute news flashes on handheld devices, one-touch music, video entertainment on smart phones, travel bookings on your home computer. These clear and sometimes, calamitous signs of the times have taken our world by storm.

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