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Casey Reason, PhD, is a leadership and PLC thought leader and expert in emergent, digital instructional design. He’s won national recognition from, Blackboard International, and PDK, where he was awarded book of the year.
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The Gift of Conflict

The Gift of Conflict in a PLC

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Several years ago, I was on a call with a group of very nervous South Dakota-based school administrators as I prepared for a two-day training session on the implementation of the PLC model in their school district.

“The staff isn’t getting along at all. They are arguing, finding fault, and picking on one another. Two teachers cried last week and want to stop leaning about the PLC process altogether.”

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Renaming the iPhone: The Hidden Power of “We” in PLCs

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“The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge” —Thomas Berger

The Four Questions

In the current book I am writing about the professional learning community exemplars from Sheridan County School District #2, I learned about some of the hidden benefits of consistent, faithful implementation of professional learning communities. One of those benefits revolves around the relentless pursuit of the four essential questions of a professional learning community and the hidden power of “we.” Read more

Practice PLC fundamentals like musicians practice scales.

Do You Want an Excellent PLC? Play the Cello

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A PLC Lesson on Fundamentals from a Russian Cellist

Natalia Gutman is a Russian cellist and considered one of the best musicians in the world. In her late 70s, many younger musicians go to her hoping for sacred words of wisdom or access to her secret sauce. Interestingly, she is known to consistently express one fundamental truth about her own development as a musician: “I wish I would have spent even more time simply practicing scales.” Read more

Richard DuFour

Following the Sun: What I Learned from Rick DuFour

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That day in late spring, the Arizona sun was a searing cauldron. Lush, prickly teddy-bear cactus lined the winding, rising mountain trail as our shoes slipped and gripped in the gravel. Although the desert is my home and the trail familiar to me, guests Rick and Becky DuFour took the lead charging up the steep pathway. That day, years before, and years after, I took pleasure in learning from and following Richard DuFour. In following him, I learned a lot. Given his recent passing, I’d like to celebrate him and share just a few things I learned on the trail. Read more

Leaders need their own learning community

Leadership Needs Its Own Learning Community

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Note: Casey Reason co-authored this post with guest-blogger Dr. Todd Nichols, Ed.D.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said “life is a succession of lessons, which must be lived to be understood.” The implication is that the life lessons we are meant to embrace cannot be learned unless there is a commitment to get in there and live those life lessons with a deep sense of awareness.   While Emerson didn’t elaborate, it’s clear that one of the best tools we have in making the most of our lived experiences is having the discipline to consistently reflect on those experiences in a deep and thoughtful way. While this is a great personal discipline, through PLCs we’ve come to understand that one of the best ways to improve that strategic reflection process is to use the power of a valued team or group. In your own professional life experiences, think about how many times you have had a series of experiences occur wherein those experiences were made much more valuable to you after you had the opportunity to reflect with colleagues on the meaning of those experiences and the takeaways that were most valuable.

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