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Formative Tools for Leaders in a PLC at Work®

Assessing, Analyzing, and Acting to Support Collaborative Teams

By: Kim Bailey, Chris Jakicic

Foreword by: Robert Eaker

Learn what makes a successful professional learning community and discover how to evaluate the effectiveness of your collaborative structures and school culture.

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Tips for implementing effective professional learning communities in schools and measuring progress

Learn, do, and lead with the guidance of Formative Tools for Leaders in a PLC at Work® by Kim Bailey and Chris Jakicic. With this practical resource, you’ll first discover how to gather evidence from staff about PLC practices, processes, and products. Then you’ll explore how to use that evidence to gauge the effectiveness of your professional learning community (PLC) and make informed and targeted decisions about your collective next steps for a school culture of continuous improvement.

This book will teach you how to implement professional learning communities more effectively:

  • Discover how to gather formative evidence from a number of sources to implement collaborative structures and a schoolwide change process.
  • Understand how to use the three stages of assessing, analyzing, and acting as a formative feedback loop to improve instructional practices.
  • Gain clarity on what makes a successful professional learning community and where to focus your school’s energy and effort moving forward.
  • Access tools and templates designed to support and strengthen team practices in order to shape school culture and ensure learning for all students.
  • Explore how teams effectively answer the four critical questions of a PLC in order to more effectively support them.

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