Canadian Customers

In 2002, Solution Tree created a subsidiary company, Solution Tree Canada, with its central office in British Columbia. If you have questions about Solution Tree Canada and our products and services, please call:

Lori Veres

Lori Veres
Director of Solution Tree Canada
1.800.733.6786, ext. 404

Canadian customers have access to all the products and services offered on the Solution Tree website, with a few minor exceptions as noted below.

Books and Videos

We are proud to offer Solution Tree books and videos to our Canadian customers. Did you know that you may place your order from either Solution Tree (US) or Solution Tree Education Canada? Due to the difference in the US/Canada exchange rate, prices are different between the two companies.

Two ways to order:

Canadian Order Form

If you use the order form, you pay in Canadian dollars, and your products are shipped from the Canadian warehouse in Toronto. The benefits are that you avoid customs and other fees associated with shipping between countries.

To place an order, please complete the last page of the product order form and return it via fax (604.608.3820) or email (

  Download order form


All website orders are paid in American dollars and shipped from the USA. There will be extra fees associated with customs and international shipping.

Please be mindful at the time of your order to consider the current US/Canadian exchange rate.

On-site PD

For more information about on-site professional development, please call the Director of Solution Tree Canada, Lori Veres, or view our website pages under “On-Site PD.” Lori is a great resource when assessing your PD needs, and she is available for phone conversations and on-site meetings/presentations. If you know what you need and would like to schedule customized on-site workshops and training, please call our PD department at 888.763.9045 or complete the request for professional development form.


All Solution Tree events and workshops are open to all educators, regardless of country. The country where you attend will determine the currency with which you pay. Register for Canadian events by calling 800.733.6786 or by returning the completed Canadian registration form with your payment.

Our current Canadian events are as follows:

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  1. RTI at Work™ Institute

    RTI at Work™ Institute

    Winnipeg, Manitoba  |  March 7–9, 2018

    Presenters: Mike Mattos, Austin Buffum, Luis F. Cruz, François Massé

    Get unprecedented access to nationally recognized experts and discover how to build a powerful multitiered system of support that meets individual student needs.


    Seats available

  2. All Things Assessment Institute

    All Things Assessment Institute

    Montreal, Quebec  |  October 17–19, 2018

    Presenters: Cassandra Erkens, Tom Schimmer, Mandy Stalets, Nicole Dimich Vagle, Katie White

    When students, parents, teachers, and leaders partner on best assessment practices, achievement soars. Assessment doesn’t have to leave students and staff feeling demoralized and categorized.


    Seats available

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AllThingsPLC Magazine

The print edition of the AllThingsPLC Magazine is available to ship within the United States only. To order the digital edition, please use the website to place your order.

AllThingsPLC Website

The AllThingsPLC website is a collaborative, objective resource for educators and administrators who are committed to enhancing student achievement. We invite you to share your knowledge, ask questions, and get expert insight into the issues educators face each day. Solution Tree Canada is always looking to showcase Canadian schools on the website and would love for you to apply to be a model school. For more information, please visit the website or call Lori Veres.

Order online at

Building Connections Publishing, Inc. is the sole distributor of their titles in Canada.

Call 800.603.9888 or visit to order.