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Paul Goldberg

Paul Goldberg, EdD, superintendent of schools for East Prairie 73 in Skokie, Illinois, and has also been an elementary school teacher and a junior high school principal. He has led diverse, low-income schools to high levels of success.

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Paul Goldberg

Paul Goldberg, EdD, was principal of John Muir Literacy Academy (elementary school) and Robert Frost Junior High School and has also been an elementary school teacher and a junior high school assistant principal. He has led diverse, low-income schools to high levels of success. In these different roles, he supported and led the implementation of professional learning communities and RTI. Dr. Goldberg was the North Cook County Illinois Principal of the Year nominee in 2014.

As principal of John Muir, Dr. Goldberg helped lead the school from the lowest to the top literacy growth scores in the district and to over 7 percent proficiency gains on state assessments in the first year. For the first time in the school’s history, over 90 percent of the students at John Muir were proficient on state assessments in both reading and mathematics. Muir is featured on

As principal of Robert Frost Junior High School, Dr. Goldberg helped the school become one of only two public high schools or junior high schools in Illinois to earn a 2011 National Blue Ribbon Award, after previously not making Adequate Yearly Progress. Through effective system implementation and a results orientation, the school became a three-time winner of the Academic Excellence Award. Robert Frost is featured on Its student achievement in reading and mathematics increased by about 25 percent from 2004 to 2011 on the state assessment, resulting in 97 percent proficiency in reading and 98 percent proficiency in mathematics.

Dr. Goldberg is formerly the assistant superintendent of district improvement in Schaumburg School District 54, an All Things PLC district that has been featured repeatedly by Solution Tree and other national publications. In this role, he supported the districtwide PLC and led the school and district improvement processes with a focus on balanced accountability. This balanced approach focuses on both student learning and the growth of the whole child through a positive culture and high-functioning learning community.

Dr. Goldberg is now the superintendent of schools for East Prairie 73 in Skokie, Illinois. The district is beginning the PLC journey by focusing on learning, collaboration, and a results-oriented culture.

Dr. Goldberg received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois, a master’s degree and superintendent’s endorsement from National-Louis University, and a doctorate from Loyola University Chicago.

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“The most valuable aspect when working with Paul is always the conversations. He listens carefully and speaks from experience when offering solutions and strategies.“

Katie Russo, principal, Jamestown Public Schools, New York